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Joshua G.

Yorba Linda, CA




The staff is amazing at this small shop off the beaten path. If you are in Peter's Canyon or Irvine Regional Park area, do yourself a favor and make a pit stop at the Chevron gas station where you will find this amazing little gem. Even before I started going here more regularly, each and every member of the team was never too busy to stop and say "hi" and ensure a positive experience. On top of my views above, the food is unique and extremely satisfying. Would never have thought such quality food would ever come out of a restaurant connected to a gas station, but they have outdone themselves. We especially like to get the jalapeño breakfast bagel sandwich and the breakfast bagel sandwich with spicy mayo.

Ashley J.png

Ashley J.

Yorba Linda, CA




A local gem! Delicious food, coffee, smoothies, and juice... all so fresh and high quality, while also very convenient!! I recommend anything on their menu; but some of my favorites are the Red Earth Juice, OC Acai Bowl, Vanilla Latte, or a lunch sandwich. Nestled on the corner of Chapman and Jamboree, neighboring the Chevron and carwash, is your new favorite spot. There is inside or outside seating but I usually place my order to-go. You can order inside or at an outside service window.... really easy vibe, I'd give them 10 stars if I could. Go.

348s (2).png

Angela W.

Yorba Linda, CA




My husband wanted to take me to breakfast and we pulled up to a gas station/carwash. I was so confused but inside there is this little cafe/restaurant. I was skeptical at first but the everything was amazing! We met the owner and we was so friendly sat and talked with us for a bit talking about his restaurant history and food items. Turns out my husband actually worked for his uncle back in the day! Anyways food is great. My daughter loved their açaí bowl (couldn't picture it because she had devoured it). Their jalapeño bagel is really good very good cheesy and crunchy and their avocado toast with their spicy oil  is amazing!  If you like Nutella you will love their Nutella latte! Sooo yummy!  We will be back! Might make this a Sunday tradition! Thank you very much for your friendly hospitality and amazing food! Our new favorite spot.

A Little Piece Of Napoli In Orange County!

Who we are?

We are two Italian guys who came to California to follow the American dream. We were both born and raised in Napoli, the origin and home of the best limoncello. We share the same values & traditions and our mission is to bring a little piece of Napoli to Orange County.


We were given the opportunity to work here in California at several amazing establishments. During our time working, we were encouraged by many guests and friends to open our own little business. When it was finally our time, we chose “Limoncello Cafe” to honor and impart the values and flavors of our home, here in Orange County. We hope to take you on a tour of Italy through our amazing dishes and beverages.


Now, you may ask, “What is limoncello and what does it mean to us Napoletani?”


Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur. It is produced in Southern Italy in the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrentine Peninsula, the coast of Amalfi, and the three islands of Naples (Procida-Ischia-Capri)


Limoncello is made by steeping lemon zest (peels) in highly concentrated ethanol or vodka until the oil is released (1 to 4 weeks), then mixing the resulting yellow liquid with simple syrup. When the water is replaced with milk, the result is creamy limoncello.


Limoncello is a delicious stand alone liqueur, as well as an exceedingly versatile culinary tool. Chefs around the world use limoncello to create amazing dishes including homemade pastas, limoncello sauces, cakes and desserts. Bartenders use limoncello to create unique cocktails  or to end a fantastic dinner with a “digestivo,” a shot of pure limoncello.


Limoncello is more than just a drink to us Napoletani. It’s an opportunity to share special moments with family and friends, to create happy memories and to give your day a great start or end.

Grazie Mille & Salute!!!

Skip the line and have the order ready for you.

Ciao friends! Check Our Restaurant In San Juan Capistrano
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